Personalized NFL Football Jersey If meat causes cancer, what can we eat?

You may have Personalized NFL Football Jersey just learned that processed meat such as bacon, sausage and ham may cause cancer and unprocessed meat may be “probably carcinogenic to humans,” according to a new World Health Organization report. Or that cheese and sugar can be as addictive as a drug. Or that even veggie hot dogs may not be completely meat-free (or even human tissue-free), we recently learned.

So what in the world is there left to eat so you can stay healthy?

Doctors say it’s easy: Eat more like a Greek. Yes, your parents Customized Falcons Jersey were right to push you to finish your veggies. The Mediterranean diet — one heavy on veggies, nuts and fruit, with limits on meat and dairy — is the way to go. Study after study has shown it is the key to help you live longer and puts you at a lower risk for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey  It even keeps your brain younger and healthier. And while you will feel better and potentially live longer on a diet that favors veggies and fruits, it will also help you maintain a healthy weight and a thinner waist line, which is good for your overall health, self-esteem and mental well-being too.

Our heads know this to be true even if in our hearts (or stomach?) prefer things bacon-flavored. And we may be seeing this as more Americans cut calories and avoid the fast food and sugary sodas. (Though the developing world is starting to adopt our bad eating habits). But too few Americans Women’s Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey are on a first-name basis with edible plants, studies show.

American children Custom Ravens Jersey ate 63 calories of produce a day in 2012, which is up from 47 calories in 2003. There is a similar uptick among adults, but that’s not enough when you consider the USDA recommends three to five servings of veggies a day and two to four servings of fruit a day.

So, for your health’s sake, here’s what you can do to follow this plant-oriented Mediterranean diet. Youth Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey.It’s pretty simple and it offers a wide variety too, so you won’t be bored with what’s on your plate.

Make your meals heavy on the vegetable, bean and cereal side. You can eat fish and poultry at least twice a week. Snack on nuts and fruit. You don’t have to do anything so extreme as avoiding carbs. You can have three servings of those a day, especially if they are of the whole-grain variety.Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform. If you drink, enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner. The red variety is supposed to be particularly good for your heart health. Cook with olive oil as opposed to butter. And limit the amount of saturated fat, meat and dairy.

If you can’t give up your bacon Women’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey or burger habit, be reassured one bite will not kill you. In fact, the National Cattleman’s Beef Association says the scientific evidence does not support a causal relationship between red meat or processed meat and cancer. But the International Agency for Research on Cancer that did the report says that based on the research it used for its study, an estimated 50-gram portion of processed meat you eat increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. That 50 grams is about two or three slices of bacon. And of course just  Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey because something raises the risk of cancer doesn’t mean you will get it.

So bottom line, if you must eat meat, make it a special treat rather than a staple.

Eat more plants and you’ll feel better, you’ll be healthier and you’ll look good, too.

Customized Football Jersey Cowboys defend Hardy after sideline arguments

It didn’t take long for Greg Hardy to make news as a member of the Dallas Cowboys for something other than his play on the field.

Customized Arizona Cardinals Jersey .In his second game back from suspension, Hardy entered the team’s special teams huddle in the fourth quarter and appeared to slap the clipboard of special teams coach Rich Bisaccia, according to a video that NBC aired Sunday night. Youth Nike Personalized Arizona Cardinals Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap.In the video, Bisaccia then pushed Hardy away from him while they exchanged words.

“Well, no, he wanted to get in there and kind of get after some of the guys a little bit, maybe get them fired up,” Bisaccia said after the game via the Dallas Morning News. “Personalized Arizona Cardinals Football Uniforms.It was just not the right time. It’s really not an issue. I just had to communicate what we were going to do next on the return, so I just really wanted him to move on so we could get going.”

Cowboys safety Danny McCray said that Hardy berated some of his teammates and even “pushed” McCray a little.Men’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Customized Elite Away White Jersey Sale

“Greg Hardy is such a passionate player. Customized Football Jersey.He’s all over the place. He’s in the defensive huddle, the offensive huddle, and today he made our special teams huddle. I was a little surprised he was in there,” Hardy said according to the Associated Press. “I didn’t realize who it was. Then I realized it was Greg. He was showing his passion that we gave up the lead and we needed to fix it.

“It’s football. Custom Made Cardinals NFL Football Shirts.Those guys love each other, and we’ll get in the meetings tomorrow and talk it over. We’ll see what the coach says about it. (Hardy) was just trying to get us fired up.”

Many Cowboys players, including Dez Bryant, tried to calm Hardy down on the sideline. After the game, the Cowboys universally supported his approach.

“He’s, of course, one of the real leaders on this team and he earns it and he earns it with respect from all of his teammates,” Arizona Cardinals Customized Women’s Jersey.Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said of Hardy via USA Today. “That’s the kind of thing that inspires a football team.”

Coach Jason Garrett supported Hardy as well.

“I was standing right there,” Garrett said. “Women’s Arizona Cardinals Nike Custom Made Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap.To be a good football player and a good football team, you have to have passion and put it all out there. Sometimes in a game, things don’t go well and you have a response. Cheap Customized Women’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Black and White Two Tone Jersey.A pro football coach and a pro football team understand that those things happen. You want the guys with passion.”

Hardy, meanwhile, had little to say to the media. His response to every question asked Sunday included some variation of: “No comment. Next question.”

Customized Seahawks Jersey defense overpowers Niners in 20-3 win

Seattle coach Pete Carroll and his merry band of Seahawks insisted all week they weren’t worried. They Personalized NFL Jersey still believed they were a championship-caliber team despite a 2-4 record.

On Thursday night, they played like champions. Seattle dispatched the rival San Francisco 49ers 20-3, and it didn’t feel that close. The Seahawks sent a message with a 12-play touchdown drive to start the game that included nine Marshawn Lynch runs. The thesis of that statement drive: We are the toughest team on the field.

After a sluggish start to the season, Lynch looks like his old self again. He broke tackles and showed great lateral explosion on his way to 122 yards rushing and a touchdown. Lynch’s angry runs combined with Seattle’s suffocating defense gave this game an entirely familiar feel. The Seahawks won 19-3 in San Francisco onThanksgiving night last season, and have now beaten the 49erssix of seven times in the Colin Kaepernick era.

Any progress that Kaepernick made over the last two weeks was undone Thursday. He was tentative throwing the ball, and wildly inaccurate at times. Some of his passes landed in the old Candlestick Park.

The 49ers struggled to gain yards on early downs, and Kaepernick increasingly looked overwhelmed on third down because of Seattle’s pass rush. Five of San Francisco’s first 10 plays were negative plays. The team had more punts (9) than first downs (8), which is hard to do. Michael Bennett and Cliff Avrilcombined for five sacks and four tackles for a loss, yet another reminder they are among the most underrated and undervalued duos in the NFL.

The score could have looked a lot uglier if not for two Russell Wilson interceptions. Seattle out-gained the 49ers 269-55 in the first half, the third game this season where the 49ers weren’t remotely competitive. Wilson played very well except for those two picks, like he has most of the season. His 43-yard touchdown to Tyler Lockett was one of the prettier passes we’ve seen all season.

Now 3-4, the Customized Seahawks Jersey finally have a road win this season. They need to prove they can win tough games in the fourth quarter, but there’s every reason to believe they will go on a run down the stretch. The defense looks good as ever and three of their losses were tight games to squads that are currently undefeated. Their pass protection remains the biggest concern for the third straight year.

The Customized 49ers Black Jersey, meanwhile, suffered through another humbling night on a season full of them. They are 2-5 and winless in the division. It would be a major surprise if the 49ers finished anything but last place in the loaded NFC West.

It once looked like this would be a great rivalry for the entire decade, but these teams have taken divergent paths. Seattle is set up for long-term success, while the 49ers have yet to hit bottom.